13 Jan 2013

ballin' in the (feign) 'main


werk it gurl!

Yes, it has been quite the long while since Rainie and I ran ourselves happily ragged for a little shooty-shoot (not that kind of shoot guyyyyzzz). But when an opportunity arose for a fashion brief she needed done for school we both jumped at the chance! YAY DRESS UP TYMZ!

The brief required one to make up or choose an existing brand and launch a brand spankin' new collection. This included the concept, art direction, photography... the whole shebang essentially! While neither of us were crazy about designer brands; enough sense to appreciate the workmanship but never falling into a state that pertained to: 'ERMERGARDS I NEEDZ U IN MA LYF, I MUST HAVE YOU, I WILL DO VILE THINGS IN ORDER TO OBTAIN YOU!!!!', we both found ourselves always gravitating towards Balmain. I have been consistently attracted to their designs, their look was young, sassy and edgy (oh yes, my favourite). So it both dawned on us quite quickly that, heck, lets launch our own little version/homage to the fashion house!

Luckily, we had our sensible socks on and figured it would probably be best (for our own sake anyway) that our collection be ready-to-wear because, as those of you familiar with the brand know, they like their embellishments... A LOT. Their runway designs are always teaming with the stuff and, as beautiful as they are, replicating that would be quite a pain in the buttholes... and probably look pretty lulz. So with eager eyes and brains a-buzz, we set forth and rummaged through our various mountains of clothing (this was obviously before the whole spring clean) to see what we had that had that Balmain feel. The result of the ensembles are the polaroid snaps you see above you. Eight outfits used and abused and used again for the various shoots! Anyway, long story short (cos I could just go on) it was a whole heap of fun and by far probably the most extensive and, lets be frank, decent photo shoot we ever did so yay! Rainie got busy with the make-up and camera taking'n'editing and I...well... pouted and smouldered and stuff. Here are some of the finished products and a few outtakes!


Rainie actually had a very particular skill in taking these drugged out shots of me. In the timing, she'd say

'I dun wanna be here n e morez' A little note: this was taken behind the Tobin Brothers that was behind our house. Unfortunately, the ol' bros were undergoing some repairs, so we had to make do with the fence and barriers. They had some good stuff going on back there too... maybe next time...

There will be extra photos that we'll chuck up on tumblr as well, so do check it out! Hope that experience didn't put you off anything and for now thank you and 'til next time!