8 Jan 2013

discotheque disatisfaction

So Jen and I recently blew the cobwebs off our best pair of hooker heels and hit DA CLUBS, for the first time in a loooong time. Seriously, during this clubbing drought, joints closed (R.I.P Neverland, our favouritest haunt), new ones opened up with suspiciously similar alliterations. And as we soon discovered, not-so-fresh-faced 18 year olds were littering the place. Mm, new blood.

Basically it was a twisted babe-in-the-woods/seasoned-vets thing that night. We knew better than to go completely apeshit the first time 'shots' was played (rookie mistake 18 year olds tsk tsk), buttt we konked out by 1:30am.

But that wasn't the issue.

On the topic of shots, what struck us was the MUSIC PPL!! I heard shit from from groups that recently DISBANDED and stuff from when we were still hittin' up WOW Fridays on the freaken weekends. Uncool, man. So, I made a mini montage in my heated rage of what I would play/should be played more often at clubs.

I would also faint of pure joy is someone played 'Too Young' by Phoenix. You can't NOT shake and shimmy some action to that song. Shallow Hal style. I mean really, how hard is it to DJ?! I can totally put a CD in and.. crossfade with ease.

Anyway, rant over. However, I want to leave you with this still of Britney, when she was queen. I remember seeing 'Stronger' for the first time and thinking she was the most prettiest girl ALIIIIVE.