6 Jan 2013

SORT YOUR SHIT OUT! (Happy 2013)

Happy New Year, Earthakins!

We got through 2012 in one piece and stepped into 20-lucky-13, WOO! No doubt many of you were out with the masses getting schlammered/a mediocre view of the fireworks/not making new years resolutions, because fuck it; WE SURVIVED THE END OF THE WORLD.

Well, wanna know what we were doing? Yes? Try these bad boys on for size - Pina Colada! Dim Lighting! Hot, hot men! Perforating! Penetrating! Percolating! Palpitating! Just the mere recollection has us fightin' the hot flashes! Oh yeah baby, it was a night to remember.

By the alcohol we mean some black tea and a cracker platter and by the four p's, we of course mean contemplating whether or not that A1 Panic! At The Disco poster deserved enduring another year. However, we were serious about the hot men though... The hot men of J. R. R. TOLKIEN'S VARIETY!!!!! YEAH!!

No, seriously. Since the Spring cleaning bug reared its head, we have been on a freaking RAMPAGE. All those times covering spills and eyesores with newspapers and blankets were finally catching up with us and, by god, did we pay. Towards the end of 2012, we found ourselves sifting through clothes, shoes, jewellery (as pictured below), and the aforementioned posters. We even sorted and folded our stockings and separated them according to pattern/no pattern. WHO THE SHIT DOES THAT?!


Anyway, wishing y'all a productive, merry, good ol' 2013 and that all your goals start a-happenin' and your wildest dreams are realised. And also, like us stocking organised fiends, you outdo your own level of anal attentiveness. Cos surely that shit can only do you a world of good.

Stay cool.