7 Feb 2013

sulkydoll 2.0

Hi cool ppl.

Summer's well and truly in her latter stages of bloom and I'm, as depicted, have spent my holidays SULKING. Why? Well, as it usually is during this period, I cannot remember what the hell I did in the first 2 bleeding months! I actually can't! Well, there was Christmas.. and now I'm here. Oh, whatever.

Holidays are fun, but then I always do this thing and forget what day of the week it is and what time it is, which consequently leads to embarrassing phone calls to the gym asking if they're open (yes I've only been a member there since 2004), and getting the door slammed in my face at the local library. Not a fun time!

Anyway, my librarian hating me aside, something exciting did happen to me a few days ago, in the form of finding my DIPLOMA in the mail! I am officially a CERTIFIED GRAPHIC DESIGNER, MUTHAS. And conveniently some of my talents are on show right here ;) ;) ;) Yep, money and two years bloody well spent. I am LEARNING.

So if you ever need quality, industry standard gifs made, you only need HOLLA.
You'll love 'em forever 

Also, if you want Luna sewn on your various garments, I'm fairly versed there too! But they'll only be student grade. Sorry.

Hilariously enough, I'm pretty sure this sewing project took the two months! I also thought it was only right to pair Luna with Artemis. But that's for another gratuitous photo op!

Sincerely (albiet slightly sulkily) yours,

Rainie Wolfcastle