22 Mar 2013


Re: last entry, in our haste we forgot to mention an integral element that has been the cause of much a twerkin', a thrustin' and a jumpin'!! Drumroll please! (I spent all day working on this, hee!)

Once again, the day is saved! Thanks to N*E*R*D

I forget how majestic the musical stylings of N*E*R*D is, hate to say it, but are they maybe a little underrated? Anyway, listen to them. And listen to everything. Also, do yourselves a favour and assault your ears (in a good way), to this beauty. You're welcome 

♡ Lady Rainicorn  

*wow, is that really what 'ps' stands for? Really? I'm ashamed to say I had to look that up and had a serious moment of confusion, graphic designers, ya'll know wassup. All dis jargon be CRAYZY!