21 Mar 2013


We feel an explanation is in order for this loooong hiatus we've been enjoying. Basically unilyf is back in full swing and those balmy summer days are behind us <TEAR>. So to stave off the banality that is now our lives, we devised this here playlist - SUMMER'S DEMISE. Trick, huh?

We also got a new iMac and thrown that piece of shit PC swiftly OUT THE WINDOW. Well, that's a lie, it's still sitting at the foot of the bed. We had it for long time ok? And as a family of girls, it's completely natural to hold onto something you no longer need, if only for their sentimental value, OK?! GOSH. Anyway, we're feeling a little spent on account of we've been sitting here photoshopping this playlist/trying to remember the mac shortcuts. So PLEASE, listen to the songs, because otherwise that means we've spent... 7 hours of our lives in VAIN. And it's just not very polite to do that to your fellow human being. Endure it; at least take a few to admire Rihanna in a pineapple twosie.

Also if you want albums, we've been blasting The xx's 'Coexist', Grimes' 'Visions', Crystal Castles' 'III', and Rihanna's 'Unapologetic'. And if you'd like, Spotify users, find 'Rainie Wolfcastle' for bonus material <wink>, since not everything can be found on Spotify, (like the ENTIRE UNAPOLOGETIC ALBUM. Unforgivable really. Ha!) here are the pimped out links below for your audile pleasure.

clickclickclick. winkwinkwink

 Loveeeeeee Song 
 5am in Toronto 
 Fashion Monster 

Now run forth, n GO BBZ, GO!