17 May 2013

lights lights lights - Amelia Bateman photoshoot

These are some of the few lovely photos taken of me by budding photographer Amelia Bateman. I took part in this photo shoot in conjunction with her portfolio development, sah kewl. MUA and hurr department was taken care of by Rainie (thanks, Rainie) and I ransacked my wardrobe and collab'd with Amelia's threads for the shoot. Then it was just a clever set-up at her place, a bunch of reflectors, a bunch of technical stuff that went right through me and finally me proceeding to sashay, like whatever, it's just a hairflip, it ain't a thanggg. Well, as much as I could with a wrap-around braid. Fun times were had.

Amelia wanted to create black and white portraits and her previous works implemented a classic, filmic style throughout, which are also sported here as well. It was a pleasure working with such a cool chick *pumps fist to chest* and if anyone here... ANYONE??!... is vibing all this then just contact me and I will direct you to the lovely lady herself! FYI (for those wondering) I'm not a #model, I'm just a girl who had an opportunity to take part in creative endeavours. Truth be told, haven't we all taken part in some form of camera self-love? Well, this is just the next step! If you have it in you, just go for it! Anyway, I'll stop justifying myself now.

These and others that are not featured here will be slapped up on tumblr. Click HERE, HERE or HERE if you're in a clickin' mood and from there you can also check out other things of the stupidly entertaining variety that Rainie and I reblog from time to time. Don't get mad at me for getting lost in a void of cat gifs, delicious photos of mouth watering food that you can never have and existential narcissistic grandeur. I HOLD NO RESPONSIBILITY. God, we've all been there. That damn website is exactly like a gif - it never ends and though you've seen it all before, you can't help yourself. Must. Always. Keep. Looking. REBLOG, REBLOG, LIKE, REBLOG, REBLOG, LIKE, SCROLLLL. That infinite scroll. Damn that infinite scroll to the depths of hell. But before I go on a full-fledged tangent, that is another story for another day.

For now, I have one thing to say...


MUAH! Jen xoxoxo