30 May 2013

no future, just fashawn!

Last weekend, Jen and I, along with our buddy, Mittens stalked to the city for a..

 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜) PHOTOSHOOT! (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 

All for the sake of uni work of course, does it look like we're the self indulgent type?! I say stalking because between the hours of 2(ish)pm to 4pm, we were punks. And I don't mean the subculture that litter Flinders street station and fashion bridge piercings and faux hawks. I mean punks from the 1960's and 70's for God's sake! The type whose angsty androgyny confound some and pyrophilia alarm many. They also spit a lot. Yes, those! They also have nothing against Jack London. Yes, Jack London the fashion label who stock the authentic gear mod/punk rockers wear. Who were established in Melbourne in 2008, but sell junk that looks like it came straight out of Brian Jone's wardrobe. And for we know, it could very well be.
It's all very confusing. That's the brief I was given. I don't question it, I just go take photos. And here they are! Mod, rock'n'roll people. Mod, rock'n'roll 4EVA.

My model buddies also sported fresh ink just for the occasion.
And by fresh ink, I mean endured 15 minutes of me with a fine liner.

Now that's determination. That's professionalism. That's friendship.

☆.。.:*  Me buying cigarettes at the 7/11 .:*・°☆

Me: *walks in, spots sign that lists costings and brand names (that I'm quite sure no self-respecting smoker would ever read), and scans board for 5–10 minutes.
"Um, hi, may I get a pack of the.. *sounds name out* Bond..Street? Please."
Unimpressed clerk: "Bond Street?"
Me: "Yes."
Unimpressed clerk:  "Blue?"
Me:  "Er, yes."
Unimpressed clerk:  "20's?"
Me:  "Ahh, sure."
Unimpressed clerk:  *Throws down pack* "$11.50. NEXT!"

Who, us? We're just having a session down the parkin' lot
and feeling generally apathetic about the world.

Y'know how it do, shawty and her baller got that existential narcissism. 

In all seriousness though, this shoot was heaps of fun. Mostly because Jen got to sport a blonde wig and we all enjoyed watching her spittle fly everywhere from chain smoking for 2 hours. So punk rock.

╣[-_-]╠  LUH YOU GUYZ.  ╣[-_-]╠

Anyway in other news, the semester is coming to a close = we shall whence forth, be liberated from our institutional shackles and roam freely and abundantly to other lands during the upcoming break. 

Oh, sweetness.

Which, in extension, means we can focus more time into running this here blog. Which is good thing, 'cos we got all these kewl ideas running a riot in our heads during the year that we couldn't express due to the ball'n'chain regime that is our lives.

In explanation to 'other lands', we've also booked flights to Vietnam for a study tour I'm going on to visit my fellow oriental brethren at RMIT in Ho Chi Minh City as well a paying a severely overdue visit to our relatives. Definitely a plus given we'll be escaping this morbid Melbourne winter time for about 3 weeks for a more tropical climate. Change is welcomed here. Also, it's not a question of if, but rather, you will be subjected to photomontages of cheesy holiday snaps. Who knows, we might even throw in a sultry, 'here's me lying on a beach, with my stomach out and my thighs on full display'. Get your bods ready.

rainie wolfcastle (´ε` )