23 Nov 2013

Claire Boucher and Why I Love Her

Claire Boucher, otherwise known as her stage name 'Grimes', is a music producer and singer-songwriter hailing from the country of kilted yaks people, Canada. Already, this is sounding like a Wikipedia ripped bio but, alas, this is not my intent. The purpose of this here entry is to publicly proclaim my reasons as to why I Love Claire Boucher. Don't be put off. It's gonna be good, I promise.

Photo of Claire Boucher

You may have heard of her as the 'underground' musician who produces witch house-y music with whimsical vocal stylings, stuff they wouldn't play on Nova I guess, or as the vegan-feminist (yes, I can just see the eye-rolling x2) who earlier this year shed light on the music industry and its double standards. My first brush with Grimes was when Rainie came home and said, 'I heard some cool music at work today, wanna hear?' and proceeded to play some tracks which I described as 'sleepy songs' (because they were soothing and optimal to listen to before one closed their eyes and descended into the sweet slumber) but I wasn't completely enthralled; they were nice, I didn't mind them.

What really enchanted me was her extremely eclectic and diverse (and I mean diverse) palette of interests. She loved indiscriminately. All you needed to do was to scoop out her Tumblr and after a few endless scrolls you would have glazed over her love ranging from Beyonce, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Taylor Swift (in between her myriad of interests, she particularly loves the Swizz), G Dragon, to Dolly Parton and various animes to bollywood movies, etc, etc, etc, etc, to the nth degree. In short, she liked a lot of stuff. 

Photo of Grimes and Totoro

To be honest I had never come across an artist whose tastes were so broad and unrelenting, but on top of that she imbued everything with positive vibes. She just always had a good thing to say about everything and this was coming from a person whose musical genre one would admittedly classify as 'alternative', 'indie', and sure, fine... *HIPSTER*. I mean she's a vegan for goodness sake, who (excluding the totally chilled vegans out there) can be the most pretentious, self-righteous, sanctimonious plebs on the planet. Even as a vegan, she is completely dickwad free about it. This holier-than-thou disposition Grimes is not and I digged this. I digged this a lot.

Last year, she made a list of the year's best albums on a Tumblr post. It included 'lesser known' bands such as the Swans, to the more mainstream-ish likes of Lana Del Ray and the full-fledged commercial darlings, i.e. the Biebs and, of course, Taylor Swift. As a result, she got a lot of hate for this which was quite disappointing but not surprising considering her genre of music is (here comes that word again) *HIPSTER* would mean that no doubt there would be a large number of listeners among her fan base who may very well have an elitist complex to more commercial music. You know, wankers. 

It's really encouraging to see someone who appreciates things on such an indefinite level and I really aspire towards that. We've all been guilty of exercising a sense of musical superiority sometime in our lives, I know I have; just mention the word 'Miley' and I'd be dry-retching, but to impose your musical tastes onto others and shun them for enjoying anything different is           D U M B and S T U P I D. Narrow-mindedness is bile stored in a mason jar. Not to say that Claire doesn't have a list of dislikes too that may well rival her canyon wide list of stuff she does like, she just doesn't feel the need to verbally pay it out. Which I think is the most important point here and though I can be so guilty of this, I have made a conscientious point to not be so damn hateful and leave any such comments within a domestic environment where I can have short rant and move on. Have you ever met someone who just hates on every single thing? After two seconds, it can be very unappealing.

This is why I Love Claire Boucher aka Grimes aka surrealist yuppie aka faery queen who to this day still continues to pleasantly surprises me with her vast, unselective love. SALUTE.

GIF of Grimes or Claire Boucher