26 Nov 2013


Yesterday my beloved Hello Kitty Lock & Lock water bottle dripped its very last droplets of water, not onto my parched tongue, but all over my backpack and onto the city pave.
Yes. It had happened. I had an inkling that morning when I squeezed the lid around a little too tightly and heard a cautionary *crack* that something had gone awry. Terribly AWRY!
You see people, I loved this water bottle, loved it like a warm, fluffy, pink cotton ball (I really love cotton balls), so I have consequently taken this rather badly.

From the day I brought you from the certified Lock & Lock store in Ho Chi Minh City, nestled in my checked baggage like a newborn babe, it was love. Love, I tell you! And not the fake love you get between two highschoolers, this ran deep. Deep! Like some inventive and relatable analogy. Please, give me a moment whilst I cue this heartfelt photo montage..

Hello Kitty Water Bottle Photo Montage With Screaming Arnold Schwarzenegger, Crying Babies and Frightened Cats

If you were to check the alt attribute of this image, therein you will find the true and very real depth of anguish. It would read: "Hello Kitty Bottle Photo Booth Pic With Screaming Arnold S + Startled Kitties And Crying Babies" because that's what it is and that's how I feel.

Emoji Hearts

You were more than just a water bottle, you were a relic of Japanese subculture; of childhood memoriam; a point of conversation. You were PINK.

Will things ever be the same again? I hope so.

Signed, your emojinal girl.