24 Jan 2014


Tokyo Gyaru fashion shoot banner

Girl wearing tattoo stockings and Gloomy Bear hoodie

Girl posing with gloomy bear hoodie
Girl wearing pink gloomy bear hoodie posing with Domo
Girl posing with pink gloomy bear hoodie and assorted soft toys

Cute girl posing with rainbows and glittery stars wearing Gloomy Bear

Girl with bows and flowers wearing Gloomy Bear

Girl showing her Gloomy Bear hood

Girl wearing Gloomy Bear with Line Camera stamps
Jenny N and Rainie Wolfcastle posing with their gloomy bear attire

Jenny wears Gloomy hoodie dress from THE SiLHOUETTE, choker from joli&D, stockings from THANKYOUMART 390円SHOP Rainie wears Gloomy x Hanyo O-Usagi Hoodie from THE SiLHOUETTE, choker from WEGO, Rilakkuma pants from Don Quijote.

This is the first part in the Tokyo Gyaru series showcasing some of our favourite buys from the Land of the Rising Sun! We love getting carried away with things; if one is going to post on one's shopping haul one might as well make it FUN. Thanks irresistable creative urges that fester within our very souls! We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Japan and when it came to shopping no stud, chain or speck of glitter was spared. Everything shown here, aside from Rainie's Rilakkuma pants, were procured from the one and only Takeshita Street in Harajuku! Yes, that one. You can only imagine the slack-jawed expressions that we wore as we walked down that pedestrian paradise. It was every decora loving, choker wearing, platform studded gal/guy's ultimate fantasy. We basically spent our last few days in Tokyo on a complete shopping bender and by the end of it we were nursing foot calluses and reeling from the sheer expenditure.

It was all worth it.

We fondly miss Nihon, but for now we can wear Japan on our backs and keep the kawaii vibes going!

Part II coming soon. Real soon.