28 Jan 2014


Girl sitting on table wearing all white attire from Japan

Jenny wears Brooklyn beanie from WEGO, choker from GLAVIL by tutuHA, 876 dress from WEGO,
Mickey Mouse socks from CouCou, gifted Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

Girl posing with My Little Pony wearing clothes from WEGO Japan

Rainie wears beanie from Thank You Mart 390円Shop, alien studs from Thank You Mart 390円Shop,
Harajuku crew from WEGO, skirt from H&M 

Girl wearing clothes from WEGO Japan looking at her iPhone

GIF of girl with a My Little Pony plushie

Body stickers on chest area and diamond stamps showing fluffy bra

GIF of girl wearing cropped sweater

Rainie wears smiley sunglasses from WEGO, Studio Ghibli brooches from Mamma Aiuto!,
cropped 'B' sweater from SUPER WEGO

Jenny N modelling bra from tutuanna with heart and diamond stamps

Jenny wears 'MEOW' necklace from Forever 21, gold earring cuff from Forever 21, body art and holographic stickers from Daiso, fluffy pink bra from tutuanna

Rainie modelling cropped sweater from Japan

Girl sleeping with Gloomy Bear blanket

As you may have noticed, many of the goodies featured here are from a wondrous nirvana called WEGO, *insert your various rainbows, sugar, spice and everything cute right here* which we dare say is fast becoming one of our fave from the trip and moreoever, in LYF.

We first came across its neon red signage on our very first days in downtown Osaka along the sparkling Shinsaibashi shopping arcade. What we particularly liked about the shop was not only its wicked jap-centric aesthetic but also its seamless merging of used and new clothing, and best believe, the used stuff was sick, with heaps of sporty goods, tricked out Disney graphics and chunky Buffalo platforms. It's mouth foaming stuff. The rest you can say was fate as we shinkansen'd ourselves to the end of our trip and to Takeshita Street; straight into the welcoming love nest that is WEGO. Kitschy, yet stylish; claustrophobic, yet claustrophilic, eastern, yet western. All these oxymorons have a point to them we swear. The thing is if you're ever around this great country, we highly recommend giving WEGO a peep, it'll be well worth it.

To see you was to adore you WEGO, so without making this sound too much like a lovelorn scrawling, here's part II, we hope you will enjoy.

Part III coming soon..