24 Feb 2014


GIF of girl with four different make up looks
Hashtags at the ready! ✌ ✌ ✌

Oh, Instagram. Has this app not changed everyone's lives, nay, the very fabric of our souls? Hey, I'm a believer. Although it's not always #instagood, sometimes I really hate the thing 'cos it makes me unhappy about the way I was born and how my face turned out. But wait, this story has a happy ending! Don't get me wrong, I love peeping into the lives of others in all of its selectively filtered squareness. Who isn't partial to a bit of #instastalking from time to time? And of late, in between such grandeur of #cute #puppies, #sunshine and #onedirection, these seshes have yielded big time inspo for some radical (and pretty dead easy) make up ideas! Yeah! Everyone wins!

Jen kindly volunteered her time, face and bod to such experiments, 'cos you know, she was around. Enjoy y'all!


Dewy goth make up look on Jenny N

That elusive dewy skin. Well, what we've learnt from beating this look out was that dewy skin can be faked! Excellent. So fret not if you don't have skin like a newborn's butt. The main thing here is to prime, or so YouTube has told me, but we tried it for ourselves and the 'Tube wasn't lyin'! But if you don't have one on hand, try the next best thing: Vaseline. Dab that good-good onto your cheek bones to add a bit of sheen and mix a little into your foundation for extra DEW! Infact, slather it everywhere. Vaseline does the body good. It is known. In the vein of all things dewy, why not also kick it up a notch and make shit rain! I always wanted to recreate this 'wet look' eye make up and felt totally robbed when I found out how easy it was do! Here's the golden ratio:

1/2 Vaseline + 1/2 clear lip gloss = Really? That's it?

Yes! That's friggin' it! Apply this concoction over any look and you'll be twinkling like Beyoncé fast.


Babydoll make up look on Jenny N

This look was largely inspired by the major Jap folk I follow on Instagram (as well as our recent trip there!) The guys and girls of Japan look perennially kawaii, so as a homage to them, I drew up a face I saw many a Nihon-jin rocking from the underground to the alleyways. In short, what you need is a matte face, winged eyes and pink cheeks. The latter was a particularly cute quirk; many girls would apply a circular, controlled amount of blush right under their eyes. Apparently, a part of Tokyo's Cult Party Kei subculture, this look is pretty much hallmark Japanese. To maintain the matte finish, we doubled up our pink lippie and used it as blush. Another quintessential Japanese look are falsies, so march yourself to Daiso, like we did, and stock up like it's going out of style. どういたしまして!


Exotic Princess maske up look on Jenny N

Here's some audio aid. Was that a bit trite? I'm sorry, it's just that this make up was too much fun to do because we got to use STAR DUST. So, basically this is the big league. I'm talking gold, glitter and copious amounts of it! Dust yourself up on the outer corners of the eyes, on the cheekbones and around your décolletage and hustle as much jewellery as you can for this look, you're a princess, remember!? 


New Age Lady make up look on Jenny N

This timeless face gets a reboot with strong brows and a velvet lip, both things which again, were deceptively easy to create, and makes you look a million wing-wangs, but seriously puts you back about $5, the cat's outta the bag! Get your best Audrey brows on by doing that thing again, you know the one.. FAKING IT. It's crazy, you can literally dream up any kind of brow for yourself and make it look legit as long as you use soft hands when drawing them on. Another stupidly good tip for when you accidentally colour outside the lines is to use a cotton swab to feather out anything looking a little too harsh. For a velvet lip, the trick is to use a lipstick pencil – colour, blotch and slick on a coat of lipstick if you want a little more moisture. And that's it, you're Brooke Shields. Bam.

✌ ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌