8 Feb 2014


Girl posing in bathroom wearing a choker, creepers and clothes from H&M

Rainie wears choker from Monkey Bite, 'YEP!' top from WEGO, skirt from H&M, dinosaur socks from WEGO,
creepers from ACDC Rag 

GIF of girl in bathroom wearing kawaii clothes

Jenny wears smiley faced beanie from CouCou, crossed heart earrings from CouCou, choker from WEGO,
'Harajuku' crew from WEGO, haramaki marshmellow pants from 3 Coin Store

Platform shoes with scattered food and cooking toys

Rainie wears platform boots from Audrey

Girl wearing clothes from H&M Japan posing with corn

Jenny wears transparent diamond choker from WEGO, dress from H&M, black harness from WEGO

GIF of girls wearing clothes from Japan

Rainie wears chain from Forever 21, dress from H&M, harness from WEGO

Two girls with various cooking toys edited with love heart stamps

♡  ♡  

TOKYO GYARU FINALE YAAAAS! In the remaining takes of our photo sesh it appears we have accumulated a number of black, black and, what do you know, even more black outfits! This was not orchestrated people, we swear it. Actually, we may have just subconsciously teamed it with the theme by accompanying these black numbers with our NANA track, 'cos you can't brood/headbang/feel emotionally volatile without everyone's go-to shade. In terms of colour choices, Japan fashionistas tend to embrace every colour of the visible spectrum! However, when you're a Melbournian at heart, it's difficult to steer clear from the all-black.

We weren't kidding when we said we love WEGO. Seriously, it's great. However, we got a mighty gush of blood to the head when we visited H&M and Forever 21 whilst in Shibuya, especially H&M. It was five-six levels of absolute delirium and even better it was ch-ch-ch-cheap. The dresses we don in our last picture were ¥700 each, that worked out to be roughly seven Aussie dollars, hombre. Yep. We hearsay that Melbourne is going to open our own H&M, but it just won't be the same; we all know how much shopping costs here :') Of course, it wasn't a complete shop in Shibuya if you didn't go to Shibuya 109; the 9 leveled cylinder of unabashed fashion. The choker Rainie wears in the first picture was from 109's Monkey Bite which came to ¥1500 ($15 basically) and even down to the shopping bags had us squealing with glee.

Sticker booth photos and two zip lock bags from GLAVIL and Monkey Bite

We also loved the fact that you could buy casual S&M gear in Harajuku like it weren't even a thang, cos it weren't you feel? There they were hanging on a wall in the WEGO store and at ¥1900 (≈19AUD) it was a no-brainer, um-HELLO. In Japan, this wasn't indicative of some deviant fetish, this was pure expression, this was fashion, this was avant-garde.

Japan is a country steeped with traditions, idiosyncrasies both beautiful and profound and whose society and culture is holistic and unrivalled by any other we have seen. When it came to shopping, it was nirvana. We love your heated train seats, your friendly people, your vending machines and your Nihon-jin style! 10/10!

ありがとうございます !!!!