26 Mar 2014


Jenny in China Town with bokeh

Rainie eating ice cream

Corner of China Bar

Jenny holding a cup of tea

Window of a shop in Melbourne

Rainie and bokeh background


We got a new lens for old faithful (Canon over your basic), and an opportunity presented itself in the form of a buffet lunch at China Bar on a Monday afternoon. A photo op is a photo op. In between the raucous chewing, swallowing and general degustation one can possibly have when met with an all-you-can-eat, some snaps were taken in between times to trial our new addition. It was quite exciting, because this is our first lens bought outside of the kit lens we got with our GEM of a DSLR (you're not just a word used only by that innocuous character on some daytime TV show - we know your true meaning now). You could say, shit was poppin'.  So, all in all, we're pretty pleased with our new investment and, at the time of taking these photos, full beyond any human's recommended capacity. 

Buffets are great :) :(

In light of this post, you can expect MORE photos with the bokEH, and the lights, with the ambient, mOODY tonEs. We'll make you laugh. We'll make you think. We like to run and the thing with the... person. Okay, enough ripping off Professer Frink. Bye. *guh-HOYVEN*