21 Mar 2014


I've been drankin'. I've been drankin'...

Jenny with glass of ice and noodles


I'll get to why I have two minute noodles on my head soon, but as of late I've been rather uninspired doing the daily scroll through IG. Aside from the #whereismypassport flower posts from Ai Weiwei, cute street styles from various Japanese hotties, and any slew of Badgalriri posts (she's been quiet lately - very unlike her), it hasn't been too crazy. Until... HER.

If you haven't heard of JSTLIVINBBY, otherwise known as Amber (just Amber - she lets you know what she wants you to know), then I don't know what the fuck you've been double tapping. Put it this way: she is hands down the best thing to hit Instagram, if not the Internet, in a looong time, and my source of daily joy. In fact, how about I let the lady herself make her own introductions, shall we?

I first stumbled onto her page through a regram from one leleboo_phucku (Rihanna's bff - yes I follow her - I AM that person) and one thing led to another and another and another and the next thing you know, I've watched about every video this girl had - at least a dozen times. I was obsessed, enchanted...

I was incapacitated.

To be quite honest, the first few times I had no idea what she was saying, but after a couple sizable listens my ghetto vernacular extended from 'yo' to 'babydaddies', 'thots' and '12 inch weave'. JSTLIVINBBY introduced me to a world I had once only come to know, but now found so familiar... so comforting...

If her 15 second life lessons from the streets don't have you weak, flailing and inspired all at the same time, then the songs, originals and covers, will. One of which caught the attention of The Game. Which is alright, but nothin' on the tour de force that is her freestyles and duets with her bf, who makes frequent appearances, with or without her consent.

My personal faves, which are definitely not exhaustive, include:

And the one you have to watch (for the intent and purposes of this blog), which I will conveniently leave below for y'all. Go on.

Which brings me to the noodles. It's an ode to my Instagram Queen (Rih, you're my Queen period), who keeps it 100 at all times. You don't just do it for the 'gram, you do it cos you motherlovin' can!

Jenny with noodles