18 Apr 2014


GIF of two stylish girls

Psychoanalysis x Fashion. Freud would've approved.

Jenny modelling stylish street wear
Rainie modelling polka dotted dress and creepers Dangerfield bat earrings and star choker
Jenny modelling street wear in Brunswick Jenny wearing street wear in BrunswickRainie posing with THRASHER beanie

It has occurred to us some time ago that our affinity with Dangerfield and its sub-labels are something not short of fiendish. On this particular day, we realised that our outfits were basically assembled by our inner Dangerfield subconscious. Yep, we basically paired our get-ups - polka dotted dress, leather skirt, jersey and the few added accessories - all from the one chain. Sure, the THRASHER beanie and platform shoes strayed away from the overall theme here by a few thousand miles and required an AUD to YEN conversion, but for something accidental you gotta hand it to the latent parts of our brain. 

You a crazy ting, B.

We were not only Dangerfield fiends this day, but sported the opaque look as well, so fatefully when we stumbled upon these c r a z y murals it just made sense. Fortunate sense. For the remainder of our outfit and its accessories we did that thing were we took specific shots and captioned accordingly.

Stylish bag from Japan 
ALTROSE three-way bag from Galet's Shibuya 109 store

Velocity suede snapback from WEGO / Skull ring from Lovisa / Anchor ring from Kinki Gerlinki
 WEGO snap back

White creepers and green tea 
Creepers from ACDC RAG / Burger print socks from Thank You Mart 390円SHOP
/ Refreshing green tea drink from Daiso

Leather skull backpack
Skull motif backpack from from Dangerfield

Happy Easter, readers!