14 May 2014

MVD REVISED: ballin' in the (feign) main outtakes 1

These photos were taken circa 2012, as part of a fashion brief for Rainie that never quite made the cut. We made a post on the shoot that included a sample of the chosen few and a look behind the scenes, with others (including the few here) we put up onto our tumblr at sporadic intervals. However, they were more schematic accounts and so trying to be resourceful we thought they deserved some time soaking up a more glorified limelight, revised as it were. These are from the initial batch taken for the brief and, as the title suggests, mayhaps there is more to come. We have a special series that have been brewing in the background preceding this post. With the handiwork almost done, expect them to be up faster than than a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August! In any case, play some BANKS, have a tilt, think about where you were two years ago. Time goes through us like wind, but leaves its mark like cuts on a stone.