16 Jun 2014


The first rule of fashion: it's all in your head

The following shoot was partly inspired by our recent shopping spree at Nike, but also of our own observations. They are by no means sportsluxe, but more of an amalgam of that movement hitting the streets and getting a good dosage of layman. Of course, many of our Oriental neighbours were already sporting New Balance sneakers and UNIQLO puffer vests way before it was considered mainstream chic, but if you walked down old Melbourne town today, you'd be hard pressed to find someone not in a pair of Roshe Runs.

And although trends can have their turn offs, let it be known that we are riding this particular wave. Because really, what's the downside to wearing compressions pants to uni? There is none. As we've proclaimed before, we are fans of comfy and sportswear has got that point on lock (duh).

No oath is ever taken lightly and this one sure isn't going to be an exception. This isn't a conscription friends, this is an invitation. An invitation to join the Pledge that embraces comfort and denounces the idea that we are at the mercy of our own raiment. The Pledge that underscores that you can look good and that's it. No compromises, hell, no contusions of any variety. The Pledge that believes and upholds that when you look good, you feel good; and when you feel good, the world is your oyster and no mere mollusc is going to outshine the illustrious pearl that you are. Rules are meant to broken, yes, but vows are tied together by blood, bond and slathered with a glorious layer of solemn. With such rhetoric in mind, we urge you to join us. Forget the naysayers who belittle you with their bureaucracy and dictating regimes. Fashion should be freedom in every sense of the word. Wear it, own it and never let it be otherwise. 

Pledge your allegiance.