31 Jan 2015

It was good. It was bad, but it was REAL

Happy belated Australia Day! I feel it my patriotic duty to share what was permeating the airwaves on January 26.

If the above bomb ass rendering didn't spell it our for you - here's a hint: two words and an unforgettable subhead.

So Fresh. The Hits of Spring 2002.

It was a fateful evening of dishwashing and having nothing to inspire some subtle gyrations to when fre$hness struck. We all know it to be 2015, but in an instant, I was teleported to an alternate universe, swathed in mink and ambient strobe lighting, trying to run and hide, but not being able to fully extricate myself from the predatory clutches of a certain lothario and feeling Foolish with the best of 'em. Nelly was still trying to master the mechanics of a razor blade, J.Lo was a tracksuit lovin', velour minx and BeyoncĂ© was somehow aging backwards. Oh, take me back to the days of ~ yonder ~

Enough nostalgic sentiments! Below are the fellow Australian reps who held their own in saucy choreo, obligatory leather/diamante looks and feigning admirable American accents. Henceforth, let the waves ride over the rarely reached crevasses of each soul/bodacious butt and just let it all fall out!

Suddenly and inexplicably inspired to upgrade to Xanga 2.0.