15 Jan 2015

Log #1

Dear log,

I got stung in the neck by a rouge fly at the beach, so that was an unexpected way to start 2015. Is this some kind of cruel, hilarious, cruel, ominous sign of what's to come? There I was doing the right thing by re-applying the SPF 30+ and it was like my body reacted before my brain did cos I just remember flicking this minibeast off of my hand and a searing pain in my neck. It required an extraction from half-hesistant, half-bemused family members as I expressed my dismay and general discomfort. Twenty minutes or so later all was mostly forgetten because I was too busy laughing about how dastardly sand is when it gets into your bathers and then how ridiculous you look when you stand-up and it falls out of you like you're a real life hourglass except wretched and pitiful.

Anyway here's a digital re-enactment of the fateful event:

1. Googling 'horseflies' will undoubtedly yield unpleasant results.
2. Close-ups of any kind of arthropod is fucking frightening.
3. Don't do it.