7 Jan 2015


Feeling free inside oneself is being free 


"...I have never thought about fashion. In other words, I have almost no interest in it. What I've only ever been interested in is are clothes that one has never seen before, that are completely new, and how and in what way they can be expressed. Is that called fashion? I don't know the answer. I feel that the fashion business inhabits a different world again. The point is, is it possible to connect these two completely different worlds?"

Rei-san has coloured this piece with nothing but unequivocally cool words. There's no doubt in our minds that she pledges herself to the allegience. It's 2k15 and we should be feeling right within ourselves, about ourselves; man, we should be feelin' ourselves. You got it. Once you wear something you are genuinely vibing that feeling takes hold and manifests in spores that live, fester and thrive in your phresh as phuck emotions. As two compatriots who never feel quite as whole as when an outfit is assembled in tune to our particular attitude and personal feels for the day, when you can relate you realise how empowering it is. Is that what you call fashion? We don't think it even matters. Here's something to take from the COMME des GARÇONS manifesto:

"I can only wait for the chance for something completely new to be born within myself."

Say the words.