16 Apr 2015


I THINK I NEED U BUT DON'T BE ACTING LIKE I NEED U - me in response to SNS and wanting to wean myself off completely because it can really piss me off but then coming to a halting realisation that I need it to -connect- and be in the loop, and just deal with the insipid stuff by grinding my teeth, screaming into a plush cushion, etc.

I feel like I'm constantly in a war with myself and my self-discipline. There are so many things you can do on the web and I wanted to get back in touch with the BC Jen (Before Crap) and utilise my time away from the endless walls and updates about pants, some guy and self-faces. I have heightened moments of complete love and total hate for the social media sphere. Even now, I ask myself if blogs like this can even thrive. Do people even read past the initial two lines? Does everyone just have an agenda? Why do people follow just to unfollow? How do you exorcise ghost followers????

With the flurry of questions and half answers I did come to one solid conclusion: Neopets is eternal and Neopets is king. Understand this and things ain't so bad. Online ain't so bad.