8 Mar 2016



The plum blossoms are kick-starting the spring fever here in Japan and as enthusiasts of nature and being swathed in pretty things, we set aside our pathetic seasonal allergies because fuck a sinus and got down to Harajuku. An otherwise stark and grey Yoyogi Park gave us an ephemeral oasis of pink and the ultimate #KEY TO # SUCCESS. Not to get it confused with everyone's favourite child sakura (hint: cherry blossoms), the ume had us going, 'oooooooooh meeeeeeeeee-h!'

This one was for beauty unrestrained, a colour template so perfect, for an almost extortionate amount of blossoms - yes Japan! Work, Japan!

The flower forecast predicts that by the end of this month, the sakura show will commence. But sneeze too hard and you might miss it for it lasts for just one week (more or less). Nasal sprays at the ready for the upcoming hanami but for now ume's got your back.